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Trimmer Grip

Trimmer Grip

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  • Reduce Or Eliminate RSI, Back Pain & Injuries

    Stop spending money on massages, physio or workcover injury claims related to line trimming. Trimmergrip's adjustable position allows you to stand up straight and comfortable with correct posture that standard handles do not provide.

    Perfect for people suffering from back pain.

  • Improve Productivity

    Trimmergrip’s unique specifications gives you maximum leverage on machine for precision trimming and larger working swing radius will save you time, money and energy.

  • Design & Ergonomics

    -Trimmergrip's clamp has been through an extensive engineering and test procedure to be the most robust on the market which is fully adjustable on all axis with hand adjustable nut for quick pivot position changes.

    -Versatile loop handle allows you to adjust your grip position to suit your techniques and variable trimming conditions. Note: Your original handle will fit trimmergrips shaft if preferred.

    -Hand/wrist is not stuck at 90 degree angle to shaft which after prolonged use may increase chance of RSI.

    -Depending on setup position can be installed with original handle on line trimmer.

    -Compact folded down design allows for storage/transport in contractor trailer compartments.

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